Artist Statement

My work lives on emotions and their continuous cycle. Like water evaporates, travels into the air, turns into a cloud, then comes back to earth, runs in rivers and rivulets and evaporates again, emotions travel through our bodies and souls, shrapnels of sensations and perceptions that rain over and run through us, drain us, hit us, lift us, feed us, shaping the landscapes of our imaginations and sensibilities, percolating, swamping, furrowing, flowing, dripping, fogging and again evaporating, like water, neverending circle of sedimentation, sublimation, erosion, incarnations, reincarnations… Each painting has a story, is the story of this fickle itinerary, a collage, a collection, a recollection, a collusion, a collision, lines of foam written on a beach of cotton, linen, with knives, fingers, leaving behind traces of the baroque, plain, magic and desultory inventory of creation and recreation.